Monday, January 5, 2009

Angels, angels, everywhere

Here are some angels I made to get the year off to a good start. I think there cannot be too many angels around, can there? I love the colors and textures. Just a simple pattern with some cool fabric and embellishments and presto, they fly.

Happy New Year

Happy 2009! Can't believe it is already here. I think it is going to be a good year. I know we have challenges to meet, but I think we will manage.

Here are some calendar pages I did with a group of 11 other women. I chose April, then swapped half way through with a friend for July. I will post the entire calendar once all pages have been received.

What a great way to mark the year...

When it came to July, I was ready for some warmer colors. I love the dark, warm colors that came out. I think I used Adirondack color washes and Moon Glow Glitz Spritz (medieval gold), then wiped with a baby wipe. I also love calligraphy and found some neat poems to embellish the pages with. I like to experiment so much I couldn't do all the same, though they do resemble each other, don't they?

Don't worry, I did not abbreviate the months. The pages were just bigger than my scanner so the last week got cut off. Imagine having shortened months. You think time goes fast now...!

I used several techniques actually. At first I wanted to use paper paint. That is to collage-paint with scraps of paper. I saw an article on this in Cloth, Paper, Scissors and wanted to try it out. But it took too long in fact. I like the effects and will go back to it but did not feel I could manage all 12 pages that way, so I continued with other forms of collage.