Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spirit guide

Here is another spirit doll.  This one is my spirit guide, Forrest. I am just getting to know him. I can call on him on my walks and he comes. I think he is full of magic and I look forward to learning from him.  He is made out of branches and Bali batiks. I like how he is always looking up. I feel like he has thunder in him and a certain mightiness. But I also think with all that force, he holds a real gentleness as well. To tell you the tryth, I would rather have him working with me than against me!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The transformative spirit of joy

This little doll came together quite quickly. I love the colors. She is playful and infused with transformative power. She is made from fine silk, organza, velvet leaves, fibers and Bali batiks.  She is emerging from magenta silk threads as she is being birthed into her creative powers, a sort of renaissance. She wants to dance and spread joy. And everytime I look at here I smile. She reflects the creative spirit.

The color of magenta is far reaching to include divinity, love, nurturing, learning. It can help people unite the forces of earthly skills with spirituality and let go of the past's heaviness to move forward It is great for balancing emotions and for cleansing emotional strain. Most of all, it is full of magic!