Thursday, October 2, 2008

wand handle

This is the wand handle which I have wrapped in a pretty, multi-color yarn. The stick had a natural place for the hand, which was cool, and one reason I liked the stick. I added two additional charms -milagros - a rose and a bird for good measure.

I learned some neat things about magic wands through this little swap. I learned that they undoubtedly originated under Zoroastianism and the Magi. You can read more about this here:
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Wand tip

This is the tip, like I said, I think I used a moonstone. I liked the natural tip formation of the stone. I have attached it with heavy gauge wire. It is silver in color, but it is not silver metal. I also attached a moon charm, a triangle with an eye, and a heart charm to enhance positive, good spells :)
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Magic wand for swap

This is the full view of a magic wand I made for a 14 secrets swap. I loved this swap. It took me awhile to find the piece of wood. I went to the forest and parks, but found wood that was too old. Then, one day while out walking I came across a house. In front of it lay freshly cut branches from a fall trim for trash pick up, and I found a couple branches I liked. The trick was in making the wand simple enough. I took my first version apart, but am happy with this one. I don't know if you can see, but I randomly stamped spirals all over the body of the stick after having wiped it with walnut ink. The tip is a moonstone, which I chose for enhanced intuitive energy. A close up of the handle and tip follow.
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With one image, after photo

This is the "after" photo of the with one image challenge, which I thoroughly enjoyed! I made her body slightly 3D and she is flying, inspired by art and good vibrations.
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With one image challenge

This is the "before" photo that I altered for the "With one image" challenge Lani gave us in the 14 secrets group. Hard not to be inspired by this cute photo of the mother of Art Therapy, Edith Kramer. This was quite a fun and inspiring moment. See the after photo following...
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I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge. Joy filled my heart! I hope it can be felt in the dolls.

Lady Moon

Meet Lady Moon, the goddess of intuition. I used a smaller tube for her. I used mulberry bark to substitute for arms. I like the movement in this doll as if she goes with the flow! I found just the perfect piece of material, which I think may be silk, to use as her dress. She also has a coat of mulberry paper underneath. You can especially see the movement from the back. She is wearing a necklace with a Ginkgo leaf (wisdom), and a pewter and antique gold drop (feelings). I didn't give her hands, because she doesn't really have arms either, rather the symbolize some nebulous energy. At the bottom is a velvet lear.

Following, you will see a back shot. She too has her head glued to a block, which is glued to the cardboard tube.
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lady Star

This is my star goddess, the muse of joy, a.k.a. Esther. Her spiral hands are holding up a net to catch light. She sparkles with life and shines in all circumstances. I have made her in glimmering materials. It is hard to see from this photo, but she has five points: the tip of her head, her two hands and the bottom of her dress. These all reach out and send and create joy, in the marvelous flow of life.
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Lady Sun

Meet Lady Sun, the goddess of manifestation. She is clothed in luxurious hand made paper
and her wrap is lovely piece of mulberry bark in the most delicious colors. I sanded the frame, then gessoed it before applying Lumière and Byzantia paints. I then added a face I had in my stash, which I made a while back. The colors went so well with each other, I was pleasingly surprised.

Around her neck she is wearing a very cool necklace, which was long enough to also make her arms. I used a pipe cleaner and intertwined the necklace with it, then added a piece of heavy gauge wire so that the arms would hold straight out. Being the goddess of manifestation, I wanted her to look like she was reaching out or giving with her hands.

I have left her simple. She has some silk throwsters waste for hair, same luscious colors and a couple skelton leaves at her base. More details to follow.
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Three icongraphic dolls

I had a great time with my muse creating these icongraphic dolls under the inspiration of Mai Liis Peacock.

I started with the small one. She has a moon face. Next I was playing around with the other faces and they all took on celestial bodies. So the front one is the moon, the goddess of intuition, the muse's best friend. She loves quiet. She is dancing.... Then, on her left is the sun or the goddess of manifestation, and lastly, Estelle, the star or goddess of joy.

More details follow.
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