Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Three icongraphic dolls

I had a great time with my muse creating these icongraphic dolls under the inspiration of Mai Liis Peacock.

I started with the small one. She has a moon face. Next I was playing around with the other faces and they all took on celestial bodies. So the front one is the moon, the goddess of intuition, the muse's best friend. She loves quiet. She is dancing.... Then, on her left is the sun or the goddess of manifestation, and lastly, Estelle, the star or goddess of joy.

More details follow.
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Artastics said...

The three Icongraphic Dolls are filled with such color, texture, and design. The names and descriptions really establish their energy. Thank you for sharing these beauties! Jan

Gena said...

Thanks, Jan, for stopping by and for sharing your nice comments!