Thursday, April 4, 2013

Laura Lee dollies from blocks and other goodies

 Aren't these dollies adorable?  I just LOVE them.  They were so much fun to make.  I took a little class over at PaperWhimsy.  It is a great way to let your inner child out and to have so much fun!  I must have raised my vibrations through it all because when I look at them, I just smile.  

My favorite is the one on the bottom right.  She has legs that articulate and so sits on my shelf.  I just love to look over at her during the day.  

Actually, I love them all.  They are all special.  I gave the one directly opposite some dreads made from beaded wire.  She is a real cutie.  The one below is an inspiration from nature... her legs are made from glass and turquoise beads with a lady bug and a dragonfly to keep her company;  and the top one is a masterpiece of architecture.  Her arms are keys, just perfect for opening old doors to the past and her solid column legs keep her stable.  

I loved doing the transfers and all the metal work. I used fun background papers underneath the transfers... the top one is made from scraps of map, the second one, dictionary paper, the one below it, Japanese newspaper and the one sitting down has sheet music ;) Laura, the teacher, is a carpenter and very skilled with tools and know-how; also quite resourceful, she taught us some very cool tips.  The top three are wall hangers, while the bottom right doll sits. Fun, fun, fun!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Sock Monkey!

Isn't he adorable?  I just treasure this little guy.  Of course, I made him for a swap with my friends at 14secrets.  We have so much fun together.  I thought I wasn't going to make the deadline.  Then we got hit with so much snow I decided to take a play day and I whipped him up.  Everyone said they were fun to make.  At first I didn't believe it.  But trying it, I realized yes!  Hilarious.  Such fun.  I can't keep a straight face when I look at the little guy.  
My husband and children were also immediately charmed!  I wondered what I could do to personalize him a little.  Some of the artists made tons of these, they are all cuter that the previous ones.  Very moving these little cousins of Curious George.  And I thought and thought... and came up with giving him a little French touch.  If you have a little gift to give, why not find some socks and go to work on transforming them into one of these.  These little treasures are filled with possibilities!  Et le voilà, François!  He did me the honors of standing up for his photo.  Immediately after I clicked the shutter, he toppled over.  So a big round of applause please for his efforts.

Love, love, celebrate love!

Here are the cool Valentine ATCs I made for another swap with friends.  It brought out the child in me to make these.  They are really fun and don't take that much time.  It is not too late to whip some up for Valentine's day.  I say get out your stash and get going!  This is the front side and below is the back side... so it is like getting two valentine's in one!  Such a great way to use up little extras too.  Have fun!  It will open your heart chakra.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Another Angel spirit doll...

I love this little angel and how she came into being as well.  These are my favorite colors and it was in the spring time.  I love the asymetrical shape of the face.  It is an original creation by Linsart at Etsy.  Sometimes the faces are what call a doll together, other times it is the branch or a piece of fabric; sometimes a story is behind a doll.  This particular one was made for a friend, but she is having a hard time flying away.  In fact I made her while in another swap... but I realize when I make a doll for one person, it can not go to another!  So this one stayed and the other one left and my friend does not know this one is waiting to fly to her so it will be a surprise.  She too has received Reiki and she has a a magic butterfly on her that is made from a stone and carries grounding properties.  She also has a very cool halo made from a shell.  Other than that, she is an explosion of beautiful, gentle, loving colors of spring and covered in flowers!

My Elfen spirit...

Here is my very own elfen spirit.  I just love her and how she evolved in a class I took with Mystele over at Thrive.  It was in her Gut Art class, which I hope to take again.  It was an amazing experience and it is quite fun to watch faces and images emerge from the layers of color and paint that we apply in so many various ways.  Why it is a bit of an alchemical process.  At first the dark eyes kind of scared me, but now I find them a bit magical!

Winged muse flies to...

This is the winged muse I made for a friend, again in a 14secrets swap!  Her body too is made from a stick.  My friend asked for a feng shui doll and so she is an artful mix of the elements - notice the shells around her shoulder and neck represent water, a feather at the back of her head (barely visible here) represents air, the color red represents fire and is aimed at drawing recognition in the professional world.  The silver around her neck represents the metal element for clarity, efficiency and sharpness. The body, being made out of wood, is the Earth element, as are the brown leaves. These bring stability, health and vitality, as well as, like the water element,  abundance and prosperity.  My friend loves dragonflies, so I was thrilled to find this little piece of Japanese material in my stash!  Around her waist is a belt with some fun charms attached: my favorite, a key, as well as a bell, a goddess symbol and another dragonfly.  She also has a stone on her, though I am not sure where and receive Reiki before taking off on her transatlantic journey.  I think we call her Flora.

Washi-tape folly

Aren't they beautiful?  I had such fun making these.  They really are quite easy, although... we'll see if they are useable!  I love the real washi-tape invention from Japan.  I found little stickers many years back in a bookstore made from Japanese fabric and just loved them... journey to the future, the invention has become a fad.  I made this sampling of tapes for a swap with my artsy friends at 14secrets.  Can't wait to receive mine in the mail!

My little forest spirit doll...

Isn't she precious?  I just love her and how she magically came together. I pick up branches and pieces of wood on my walks and then get inspired to use them...  Sometimes they sit in my work space for a long while before they take on their personalities and draw just the right materials to them.  This one so synchronistically came together while I was teaching a little class on creative fun with the fairies.  I love her energy!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Art doll swap loot

This is a nifty art doll I received from my friend Jessie Koenigsberg in a 14secrets swap.  I just love her and the energy she brings to my office.  The doll is so full of bright, light, sparkle and energy.  There are so many winged wonders accompanying this angel and Jessie sagely added a bilingual quote from Jane Austen: Wisdom is better than wit.  Sagesse vaut mieux que vivacité d'esprit.  
I truly treasure this little wonder!  Thank you, Jessie! 

Tree Spirit Doll

This is a little tree spirit doll that I made for a friend.   I also found a nifty wooden box, that I got on vacation in Normandy this year. I love French boxes.  They are such works of art.  This one came with madeleines in it.  This little spirit doll is full of magic and symbols.  The back of her head is a pinecone, which represents the pineal gland.  She is standing on a star, because we are all made of stardust, has a feather on her head for lightness.  An owl stands above her, in the upper branches to wisely guide her.  Her dress is made of silk and on her belt she carries the symbols of the turtle, which stands for Mother Earth and her wisdom, a key, a feather, and a moon.  She is also standing on a piece of amber, which again, carries the wisdom of the years in it.  Her body is fashioned from a tree branch I found on one of my many walks at the Parc de Rentilly.  It screamed to me, pick me up.  And I did, and the rest is history!