Monday, June 8, 2009

Little white bird

Here is a little one page white bird that I did for a round robin. The theme was color. Bet you can't guess what color I chose... :)

Fun art quilts

I love fabrics and sewing. I had fogotten how much I love working with fabric. It is such a fun medium and sewing such a delightful way of "gluing" things together! Here are a couple art quilts I made recently. One was for a tea friend and the other, well it is still unfinished, but I found the techinigue - random pieces of material - so freeing that I can't wait to do more!

Felt-beaded necklace

Here is a fun necklace I made out of felt beads, which I then beaded. The possibilities are endless! I think I may string them further apart however, and finish the ends with crochet - but first I have to learn how to crochet ;)
This is another fun idea from creative Chaska Peacock!