Monday, June 8, 2009

Felt-beaded necklace

Here is a fun necklace I made out of felt beads, which I then beaded. The possibilities are endless! I think I may string them further apart however, and finish the ends with crochet - but first I have to learn how to crochet ;)
This is another fun idea from creative Chaska Peacock!


Chaska said...

The cord appears a little thin for the beads. The spacing is good but the knots should be fatter....Could you double the cord so you are knotting two thicknesses? Single crochet is easy to pick least so it seems to me.:-) Love your necklace!

basia said...

Gena, they are sooooo pretty! Great job. xoxoB.

Jasmine said...

Your necklace is lovely.