Saturday, May 9, 2009

Love inspired art

This is little piece I made for my DH for our wedding anniversary. I wanted to do something with words and thought and thought... but could not find the right support. Then a good friend send me a lovely stash of delightful objects and this CD cover was one of them. It was exactly what I needed. I used markers for the outside. My hubby is a real flower child. And I wrote in my favorite lettering inside. He keeps it on his desk ;) which makes me happy, almost as happy as it made me to make it!

Above is the front view, and below, the back view.

The month of May

Below is the lovely month of May calendar page created by Michelle Geller. I have yet to post January through March, but I will, promise. Admire the beautiful flowers and the harmony of color! I love it. Thanks, Michelle!

Fun book spreads

Here is a photo of one of the spreads I did recently for a group I am in. The directive was to work only in the margins so that the text was still visible. I tried to illustrate the little poem. The book was, A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson, a gem of a book. Some of the other work was gorgeous as well. Now I am scouting for a similar book that I can do the same to...

The above picture illustrates "Happy Thought" which I love... It is, "The world is so full of a number of things, I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings." I love that little piece.

And here are 3 pages that illustrate the same story about a little girl... well, I'll let you go ahead and read for yourselves ;)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another attempt to make a doll from recycled items

Here is another attempt at making a doll from recycled items. This vintage doll face is on an old vintage thread spindle. I love the colors... Her upper is a lovely piece of sari, she sports a wishbone as a necklace and is wearing a skirt made from fibers. She has a vintage ribbon wrapped around her

head holding a feather and is wearing a found wing from another artist's stash...

Blue belle back

This is the back view... while the front shows a yellow feather to give her a tom boy attitude, the back of her head is covered with blue and green fibers. Here you also see the book cover back embellished with hearts and flowers and her lovely skirt made from a vintage round peacock napkin! I love it. Underneath is a skirt made from a beautiful sheer embellished material from my stash that makes the skirt hang in a nice bouncy manner... Don't you just love her?
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Blue Belle

This is the base... the body is a knitting needle, as previously stated, with a handmade (by a friend) bead for a bit of shape that goes into a base, which is a thread spool with china mosaic glued to its sides and top, sitting on a baby CD for balance.... all in the tones of blue...
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Recycled doll

This is Blue Belle... she is made from recycled and found materials. She had a difficult birth and has a completely remade head, but I am happy with her now.

From this photo, you can see that she has a ball of string for a head, and flower brads for her eyes and mouth.

Her body is a knitting needle She has a necklace made from found trim. A wonderful little book makes her upper body. I embellished this with old stamps, flowers and torn images... Her arms are made from a very cool piece of pleated material someone gave me. I wrapped it in the opposite direction as the pleats which gave it more body, then wrapped it with wire. There is also wire inside. It is difficult to see here, but her hands are cool hearts made from wire.
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