Saturday, May 9, 2009

Love inspired art

This is little piece I made for my DH for our wedding anniversary. I wanted to do something with words and thought and thought... but could not find the right support. Then a good friend send me a lovely stash of delightful objects and this CD cover was one of them. It was exactly what I needed. I used markers for the outside. My hubby is a real flower child. And I wrote in my favorite lettering inside. He keeps it on his desk ;) which makes me happy, almost as happy as it made me to make it!

Above is the front view, and below, the back view.


basia said...

Happy Anniversary Gena. It is lovely, from the heart, and very flower'child oriented! Wonderful!!

Patti said...

Happy Anniversary! What a fabulous gift - I'm sure he does love it! - you're so talented!

Chaska said...

Oh, this is wonderful! What a special gift!!!