Thursday, December 15, 2011

... And yet a few more....

And here are a couple more multi-media paintings that I did in my 
Gut Art class. I must like the number 3 as the top one again has 3 goddesses in it.  Can you spy them?  

 The second one as well... maybe even a fourth and the last one... well I'll let you decide. I like the movement in all of these... flow!

What is so cool is that the images make themselves out of the back ground.  Mystèle, what an incredible class.  I am already game to start the next round ;)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

... And a bit more...

This is another GUT ART production, perhaps my favorite.  This is the first time I used palette knifes for painting.  Very fun!  They add a whole other dimension, not to mention texture.  This one was inspired by the artwork of Michael Banks.  His paintings are so imaginative and original. They all have a story to tell, like this one. His art has a naive quality and is full of truth, innocence, but also depth and simplicity.
A little bit of gut art...

This is an acrylic painting I did while in the wonderful workshop by Mystele Kirkeeng called GUT ART!  I heartily reommend it!  We get inspiration from the various virtual field trips she takes us on and from her own enlightened and fun techniques.  It is also about fun and excavating your personal muse/artist ;)  So this picture is of me and my sissies dancing under the full moon ;)  It was inspired by the field trip of Pilar Rios' work, a beautiful Chilean artist who paints strong female figures, but without faces.  I love it!

Monday, October 3, 2011


This is the paperbag book I made for the TAG, which I fill with elements I find in my travels. I made it with favorite scraps and materials.
TAG map

This is the map I made for the TAG (Travelling Artists Guild).  Notice in the first one, the form of a tree and in the one immediately above, just crystals that show the way through the dark.  It is a map of the underground.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The month of September
calendar page

This is the month of September that I created for our artcalendar group.  I absolutely loved the feel.  I had prepared the backgrounds in May!  Good thing because I was behind... and then used acrylic paint on stamps, cut out some dahlias from some beautiful fabric I got from joggles then edged them with painsticks.  They turned out to be symphonies of color which made my heart sing :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Little elemental

I love this darling little elemental... she is like a little ice fairy.  She seems so pure and innocent, and yet so powerful...  She too is made from a spool.  At the base is a little stone bracelet that I have wrapped around.  I love the giant white strawberry she is holding and the white velvet leaves that act as wings. Her adorable face comes from an Etsy vendor: alteredrevelations.  She is clothed in blue silk ;)

Art angel with an attitude

This is my art angel with an attitude; I call her my love angel.  She is really herself and won't put up with crap... although she is pure love ;)  She is made from sticks I picked up on my walk and of pieces of material I had on hand.  I just love her.  She is also wearing a piece of rose quartz which makes her so loving ;)  I cannot look at her and be in a bad mood.  She just makes me smile.  Hope she does you too!  Her adorable face was purchased from an Etsy vendor, Linsart!


This is my little archangel Jophiel that sits on my shelf and brings peace to my office.  She sports some interesting accessories and is made from a spool like the others.  Here face comes from an Etsy vendor moldedmoonbeams...  The star comes from my from Christina's great store, SKYBLUEPINK.  She keeps the energy and vibrations up in my office and so I am so very grateful for her positive presence!

The angelic realm....

This is a box that I was inspired to turn into a little carrier house for one of my angels.  It wraps around itself as has a magnetic closure.  I collaged a napkin and other angelic relics to it and found the perfect sort of handle to ensure that the recipient opens the right side and does not destroy the box ;)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spirit guide

Here is another spirit doll.  This one is my spirit guide, Forrest. I am just getting to know him. I can call on him on my walks and he comes. I think he is full of magic and I look forward to learning from him.  He is made out of branches and Bali batiks. I like how he is always looking up. I feel like he has thunder in him and a certain mightiness. But I also think with all that force, he holds a real gentleness as well. To tell you the tryth, I would rather have him working with me than against me!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The transformative spirit of joy

This little doll came together quite quickly. I love the colors. She is playful and infused with transformative power. She is made from fine silk, organza, velvet leaves, fibers and Bali batiks.  She is emerging from magenta silk threads as she is being birthed into her creative powers, a sort of renaissance. She wants to dance and spread joy. And everytime I look at here I smile. She reflects the creative spirit.

The color of magenta is far reaching to include divinity, love, nurturing, learning. It can help people unite the forces of earthly skills with spirituality and let go of the past's heaviness to move forward It is great for balancing emotions and for cleansing emotional strain. Most of all, it is full of magic!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spirit doll

This is a magical spirit doll that I made for a friend. I took my time collecting materials once I set the intention to make the doll.  And they literally fell into my hands over a period of a couple months.  I selected a root or perhaps it is a piece of vine that goes deep into the Earth but that also extends to the stars for the right part of her body. Then I attached these together with other sticks that called me.  I used Bali batiks for her dress and leggings. Her necklace came from a friend's trip to South America and sports a little handmade medicine wheel.  

Rainbow colored fibers circle her waist where she also wears a small medicine bag filled with some sweet smelling powder, a crystal and Milago of Mother Mary all for love and protection.  The back of her head is a pine cone, which represents the pineal gland and third eye. I hesitated a long time before giving her a face and tried on many before I decided to make one.  I like the way it turned out. I covered it in varnish to add years of wisdom to her. The red hair symbolizes independence and femininity, perfect for goddess energy. Our little spirit is bedecked with flowers - symbols of beauty, of beginnings, of being in the flow, love, feelings, etc.  

There are many other symbols hidden in the little lady but basically her overall message is one of JOY, love and abundance and of dancing with Life and being in the flow!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The angels are here!

These are the delightful power angels that have kept my muse inspired and busy these past few months. Each angel has her own personality. They are made from textile spools that I bought on ebay and so in the bottom of the angel there is a little place to put an intent, or little prayer. Each angel has her own special power stone or crystal and is empowered by a Reiki blessing. I have used my favorite fibers and textile ephemera on these to make them sing and fly! They were originally going to take flight at Christmas, but it looks like they preferred a Spring flight.