Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spirit doll

This is a magical spirit doll that I made for a friend. I took my time collecting materials once I set the intention to make the doll.  And they literally fell into my hands over a period of a couple months.  I selected a root or perhaps it is a piece of vine that goes deep into the Earth but that also extends to the stars for the right part of her body. Then I attached these together with other sticks that called me.  I used Bali batiks for her dress and leggings. Her necklace came from a friend's trip to South America and sports a little handmade medicine wheel.  

Rainbow colored fibers circle her waist where she also wears a small medicine bag filled with some sweet smelling powder, a crystal and Milago of Mother Mary all for love and protection.  The back of her head is a pine cone, which represents the pineal gland and third eye. I hesitated a long time before giving her a face and tried on many before I decided to make one.  I like the way it turned out. I covered it in varnish to add years of wisdom to her. The red hair symbolizes independence and femininity, perfect for goddess energy. Our little spirit is bedecked with flowers - symbols of beauty, of beginnings, of being in the flow, love, feelings, etc.  

There are many other symbols hidden in the little lady but basically her overall message is one of JOY, love and abundance and of dancing with Life and being in the flow!

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Camellia said...

I followed your follower to get back to this page, and it took me a couple of minutes to realize this was your page. The spirit doll made me want to run out and collect things to make a spirit doll with. More more more