Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Little elemental

I love this darling little elemental... she is like a little ice fairy.  She seems so pure and innocent, and yet so powerful...  She too is made from a spool.  At the base is a little stone bracelet that I have wrapped around.  I love the giant white strawberry she is holding and the white velvet leaves that act as wings. Her adorable face comes from an Etsy vendor: alteredrevelations.  She is clothed in blue silk ;)

Art angel with an attitude

This is my art angel with an attitude; I call her my love angel.  She is really herself and won't put up with crap... although she is pure love ;)  She is made from sticks I picked up on my walk and of pieces of material I had on hand.  I just love her.  She is also wearing a piece of rose quartz which makes her so loving ;)  I cannot look at her and be in a bad mood.  She just makes me smile.  Hope she does you too!  Her adorable face was purchased from an Etsy vendor, Linsart!


This is my little archangel Jophiel that sits on my shelf and brings peace to my office.  She sports some interesting accessories and is made from a spool like the others.  Here face comes from an Etsy vendor moldedmoonbeams...  The star comes from my from Christina's great store, SKYBLUEPINK.  She keeps the energy and vibrations up in my office and so I am so very grateful for her positive presence!

The angelic realm....

This is a box that I was inspired to turn into a little carrier house for one of my angels.  It wraps around itself as has a magnetic closure.  I collaged a napkin and other angelic relics to it and found the perfect sort of handle to ensure that the recipient opens the right side and does not destroy the box ;)