Thursday, January 10, 2013

Winged muse flies to...

This is the winged muse I made for a friend, again in a 14secrets swap!  Her body too is made from a stick.  My friend asked for a feng shui doll and so she is an artful mix of the elements - notice the shells around her shoulder and neck represent water, a feather at the back of her head (barely visible here) represents air, the color red represents fire and is aimed at drawing recognition in the professional world.  The silver around her neck represents the metal element for clarity, efficiency and sharpness. The body, being made out of wood, is the Earth element, as are the brown leaves. These bring stability, health and vitality, as well as, like the water element,  abundance and prosperity.  My friend loves dragonflies, so I was thrilled to find this little piece of Japanese material in my stash!  Around her waist is a belt with some fun charms attached: my favorite, a key, as well as a bell, a goddess symbol and another dragonfly.  She also has a stone on her, though I am not sure where and receive Reiki before taking off on her transatlantic journey.  I think we call her Flora.

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