Thursday, January 10, 2013

Another Angel spirit doll...

I love this little angel and how she came into being as well.  These are my favorite colors and it was in the spring time.  I love the asymetrical shape of the face.  It is an original creation by Linsart at Etsy.  Sometimes the faces are what call a doll together, other times it is the branch or a piece of fabric; sometimes a story is behind a doll.  This particular one was made for a friend, but she is having a hard time flying away.  In fact I made her while in another swap... but I realize when I make a doll for one person, it can not go to another!  So this one stayed and the other one left and my friend does not know this one is waiting to fly to her so it will be a surprise.  She too has received Reiki and she has a a magic butterfly on her that is made from a stone and carries grounding properties.  She also has a very cool halo made from a shell.  Other than that, she is an explosion of beautiful, gentle, loving colors of spring and covered in flowers!

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