Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tree Spirit Doll

This is a little tree spirit doll that I made for a friend.   I also found a nifty wooden box, that I got on vacation in Normandy this year. I love French boxes.  They are such works of art.  This one came with madeleines in it.  This little spirit doll is full of magic and symbols.  The back of her head is a pinecone, which represents the pineal gland.  She is standing on a star, because we are all made of stardust, has a feather on her head for lightness.  An owl stands above her, in the upper branches to wisely guide her.  Her dress is made of silk and on her belt she carries the symbols of the turtle, which stands for Mother Earth and her wisdom, a key, a feather, and a moon.  She is also standing on a piece of amber, which again, carries the wisdom of the years in it.  Her body is fashioned from a tree branch I found on one of my many walks at the Parc de Rentilly.  It screamed to me, pick me up.  And I did, and the rest is history!

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