Thursday, April 4, 2013

Laura Lee dollies from blocks and other goodies

 Aren't these dollies adorable?  I just LOVE them.  They were so much fun to make.  I took a little class over at PaperWhimsy.  It is a great way to let your inner child out and to have so much fun!  I must have raised my vibrations through it all because when I look at them, I just smile.  

My favorite is the one on the bottom right.  She has legs that articulate and so sits on my shelf.  I just love to look over at her during the day.  

Actually, I love them all.  They are all special.  I gave the one directly opposite some dreads made from beaded wire.  She is a real cutie.  The one below is an inspiration from nature... her legs are made from glass and turquoise beads with a lady bug and a dragonfly to keep her company;  and the top one is a masterpiece of architecture.  Her arms are keys, just perfect for opening old doors to the past and her solid column legs keep her stable.  

I loved doing the transfers and all the metal work. I used fun background papers underneath the transfers... the top one is made from scraps of map, the second one, dictionary paper, the one below it, Japanese newspaper and the one sitting down has sheet music ;) Laura, the teacher, is a carpenter and very skilled with tools and know-how; also quite resourceful, she taught us some very cool tips.  The top three are wall hangers, while the bottom right doll sits. Fun, fun, fun!

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