Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lady Sun

Meet Lady Sun, the goddess of manifestation. She is clothed in luxurious hand made paper
and her wrap is lovely piece of mulberry bark in the most delicious colors. I sanded the frame, then gessoed it before applying Lumière and Byzantia paints. I then added a face I had in my stash, which I made a while back. The colors went so well with each other, I was pleasingly surprised.

Around her neck she is wearing a very cool necklace, which was long enough to also make her arms. I used a pipe cleaner and intertwined the necklace with it, then added a piece of heavy gauge wire so that the arms would hold straight out. Being the goddess of manifestation, I wanted her to look like she was reaching out or giving with her hands.

I have left her simple. She has some silk throwsters waste for hair, same luscious colors and a couple skelton leaves at her base. More details to follow.
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